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…, it really IS that simple. RSS feeds go to the location of your choice and only deliver the information you specify. Thanks to Amy and her presentation at SMC Staff Day 2007, I have been getting Time Magazine’s quotes and photos of the week, articles from The New Yorker, book reviews, author updates, and various articles pertaining to my passion for writing and editing. In fact, I want to share a few things with you!
This story is the coolest story I’ve ever heard come from a library. It’s about a cat called Dewey Readmore Books and the legacy he left behind at the Spencer Public Library in Illinois. The RSS feed does no justice to the real legacy, though. Readers must check out Dewey’s page; there is a link to it on the feed.
I hope all of you get a great kick out of the story. It’s quite heartwarming and Dewey’s page is hilarious!!!

As for professional feeds, there are quite a few that will really come in handy as I continue my career in the library. The Library of Congress has the most news-related feed I came across, and has links for specific readers such as students, teachers, kids, etc. I haven’t quite figured out how to get the feed sent to my GoogleReader, but the page is quite nice! (Anyone want to help me with this?? Where’s Brian when I need him??)

3 thoughts on “REEEEALLY Simple Syndication

  1. Love your colorful blog.Dewey Readmore Books–didn’t someone get a huge book advance to write his life story? I love the idea of library cats–I wish we had one at SMRLA! It would pep up the place no end AND get rid of our off and on rodent problem. (Yes, mice at the library too!)I’m going to check out Dewey’s website as you suggested. It sounds like fun.

  2. That is one cute cat. I like stories like that. Now if only I could convince my boss to let my bring my toy poodle to work. 😉

  3. Susan, I believe it was the branch manager who was given the advance to write the book. If I recall correctly it was around $1 million. Tanya, we should have a ‘bring your pet to work day’!

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