You think you know…

But you’ll be surprised to see what I read. It will be obvious to you that I am a history major, but a lover of romance?? Who’d a thunk it???
Check out my LibraryThing library:

I was at Borders a few years ago and bought “Books to Check Out: A Journal”. The cover (and size) of the book is inspired by a very used due date card that have since been replaced by electronic print-outs. The sections were labeled for books already read, books to read in the future, favorite passages, and books lent and borrowed; the latter came in very handy as I was the “go to” girl for good books when assignments came up at school. I have been meaning to update it for quite some time now, but between moving twice, donating items, and misplacing the book itself I have called off my mission. This is where LibraryThing comes in so handy!
I think this program we are all doing should be renamed “23 Things I’ve been meaning to do for some time now but haven’t had time,”.

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