The Future of Libraries…Are you super-psyched or what?!!!

Anyone who has been around me for more than an hour will tell you that I get excited very easily. I am astounded by common things and love love love to talk about something I’ve read or discovered. One thing that has never ceased to amaze me is libraries. Rick Anderson’s essay Away from the ‘icebergs’ really thrilled me because he highlighted a few things that could be roadblocks to our future success. This is patricularly interesting to me because in less than two years I will be applying to graduate schools in hopes that the most forward-thinking school will accept me into their program. That being said, let me dive into a couple things I have been thinking about int erms of library growth.
Anderson wrote “Libraries are poorly equipped and insufficiently staffed for teaching,” and I completely agree. Our reference librarians can track mostly anything down, the “Ask Us Now 24/7” online homework help website is an excellent resource, and librarians and library associates can help patrons find any resource available within the state. BUT, what about those that need a little something different? Something that can’t be taught from a book? I believe that a librarian trained in aiding people with employment would be extremely helpful to numerous patrons. He or she could hold seminars on resume writing, interview skills, and job-searching techniques. Any thoughts on this??
What makes a library so great is having what the patrons need and want, anticipating those needs, and delivering them in a pleasant manner. Another of Anderson’s “icebergs” was that because people do not need libraries as much as in the past, we need to make libraries a place people want to be. Whether on the web or in person we should be thinking, “Am I doing my best to serve the patrons today?” In the customer survey completed last winter/spring, a vast majority of patrons listed “the staff members at Charlotte Hall” as one of their favorite things about the library. I recall my first week at the library; I said to the line of patrons, “I can help the next guest at this computer” and my circulation manager said, “Oh! Guests! I like that!” *That was my inner Starbucks girl coming out in me.
I kind of forgot where I was going with this. This just goes to prove that I get SO excited about something, but I end up going off on a tangent about something a little different and then it’s lost. I think I’m going to buy a Scion tC.

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  1. haha. it’s not a cigarette in his… mouth. He….I am just smiling in a suave, kinda demonair way. His..err my teeth are really white there, so, it just kinda looks like one. lol. yea, smoking would cramp my style!

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