wiki!! wiki!!

So I am not quite sure how I feel about wikis. Before I reach a conclusion I must list the pros and cons:
– Open to everyone, professional or novice.
– An excellent place when you need a quick bit of info

– Anyone can post and they may not double-check their sources
– It is not a credible source and students don’t realize this

…I feel as though I am missing something. But for now I will go ahead and say that I like them. Heck, Wikipedia is my best friend as a history major because if I need a quick refresher on an event or person, it has all the info I need!


Zoho Writer is such a great online tool! It ensures that MAC, iPhone, Linux, and Microsoft users can open/read/edit documents without first checking they are connecting to a computer with the right operating system. This was a problem for me a few years ago because I had to wipe out my computer and all I had to reload on it was my roommate’s Microsoft Works. My professors did not have Works so emailing them my work was out of the question, which meant i had to go to class every day. (Oh boo hoo, right?? lol)

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