…I LOVED the You Tube sponsored Democratic debate last July. I thought the format was especially appealing to a younger crowd which is so important because they belong to the exact demographic that produces the lowest number of voters. Here is part one of the debate:

I remember the election of ’04 like it was yesterday; I was sitting backwards in my chair watching the election results from my dorm room in at JWU. I screamed when I heard Ohio’s results; something that my roommate from that year still makes fun of me about. More importantly, though, I remember taking my four roommates down to the Rhode Island Convention Center so they could vote. The entire time we were walking down there I was answering their questions about the two candidates, making sure to not sound biased towards one or disdainful towards the other. I simply wanted them to vote! I didn’t care who they cast their ballot for, or if they wrote-in Mickey Mouse. What mattered was that they voted!
I am taking that enthusiasm and applying it to my classmates at SMCM. I have joined St. Mary’s Votes; a non-partisan organization on campus that registers students to vote in the state of MD, drives students to the polls, and send absentee ballots for those who choose to vote from their hometown/state. Which brings me to my next point…
In the 2004 election a mere 47% of 18-24 y/os went to the polls. That is pathetic. People of my generation have no idea how much their vote counts; that if more of us voted, more candidates would listen to what we had to say. What is even more important is that what is passed into law today will affect our children. People of my generation need to take a more active role in their future. That begins today!

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