Yeah. sorry about that

So clearly I am Ms. Lying McLiar Pants who does not, in fact, continue her blog after publicly declaring that she will. So here we go again, peeps. (Speaking of Peeps, if you have not yet tried Rita’s Water Ice new Peeps flavor, you are missing out on some serious tongue ecstasy.)

So here I am, two semesters and eight classes into my graduate school experience and let me just tell you: it is exactly what it’s cracked up to be. Early mornings? No. Coffee? In mass amounts. Tons of reading? Yes, but totally manageable. Peers who want to be here? Yes, yes and YES!! I could not be happier than if I had chosen a school in the sun-covered South. (Seriously, it was a cold winter here in Maryland.) I am in DC a couple times a month for Caps games or to tour the city with a friend (I’ve lived in MD for 12 years and DC never gets boring). I visit Northern VA constantly, because there are two boys I just cannot get enough of: my precious nephew, Ronan, and my amazing boyfriend, Shane. I am learning a lot, and (most of) my professors are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that I can’t wait to go to class next so I can eat up more of what they are dishing out.

Basically, I’m happy. I belong here, I fit in, and I feel like there is nothing else I should be doing with my time. Yes, money is incredibly tight, but it will be over in December and then I’ll have the rest of my life to not have loans to live off of.

Adventures in Library Land are back, people…

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