April’s Fools, compliments of UMUC

This is either an April’s Fools joke, or UMUC has finally figured out what students really want. The Experience UMUC blog unveiled new classes for the Fall 2010: PRTY 101: Introduction to Office Party Planning, DODL 205: Methodology of Doodling in Meetings, and SPDA 601: Speed Typing for PDA Devices. Now THAT is what I call a learning opportunity.

But this next thing is not a joke; the White House has gone mobile. Want to read the recent bill signed by the POTUS? Want to get up-to-the-minute updates from the Obama blog? There’s an app for that. Go to http://www.whitehouse.gov on your crackberry, iObsess, or other mobile device and you will be directed to the mobile site m.whitehouse.gov Enjoy, peeps. (Or not.)
(This snippet of info comes to you courtesy of the blog Reference Shelf.)

One thought

  1. How did I not see those UMUC classes, totally bummed that they're already filled-up… was the party planning class taught by Angela or Phyllis?! HAHA

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