Going out to pasture

I think the line “going out to pasture”, when spoken in terms of an individual retiring, is absolute crap and needs to be removed from our vocabulary. Because last night was the retirement party of an individual who will not sit still. As a matter of fact, unless she is reading a book or making jewelry, I think she refuses to sit still.

Gail was the, a…no…THE reference librarian at Charlotte Hall Library, my former place of employment. If I wanted to learn a search strategy, I’d observe her. If I needed an answer to a question, I’d ask her. She is quite possibly the most persistent woman I have ever known. And the St. Mary’s County library system is at a loss now, because she recently decided to retire. She and her husband bought a house to renovate. They have plans to visit Germany in May to see the Oberammergau Passion Play, which is put on once every ten years, and began in 1634. She experienced this once as a young woman living with her family on a military installation in Germany, and has always wanted to go back. And now she will. She is so strong in her faith, is completely committed to her family and the movement to fine a cure for breast cancer. She is an inspiration, and I can only hope that I live a life as fully as she continues to do.

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