A sweet memory

Summer 2000, before my sister started her senior year of high school and I entered that big, scary world, my parents took us to New York City. We ate wicked good food at a hole-in-the-wall diner (I remember the omelet) and visited Time Square and visited with my uncle. One of my strongest memories of that trip was when mom, Amanda and I shared a frozen caramel coffee thing. It eventually became Amanda’s obsession, and the drink that led me to a 3 year long career. That drink came from Starbucks.

I haven’t had a caramel frappuccino in years, actually. I drank so many for so long, that I eventually grew to hate the taste. But I got a coupon in the mail last week. A coupon for a frozen caramel coffee thing that piqued my interest. Could this cheap imitation actually taste as good as the original? Well, McDonalds…good job. In one sip you sent me reeling back to New York City, Summer 2000, sharing a frozen caramel coffee thing with my two best friends. After savoring a few more sips and eating some whipped cream (it tastes just like their soft serve! Outstanding!) I called my sister. I asked her if she remembered what we drank that Summer of 2000 in the Big Apple. She did, and I told her that if she wanted that time back, the era of innocence, pigtails, “big pants”, then she would need to skip over to McDonald’s as fast as humanly possible, order a small caramel frappe, close her eyes, and reminisce.

While that first sip…okay, the first half, was utterly remarkable, the second half was less than desirable. The taste of cheap coffee becomes the first thing to hit your tongue, where the sweet and thick caramel once was. So either split it with someone (give them the second half), or use a coupon so you don’t feel bad when you throw the second half out.

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