Movies make me want to do very expensive things

Silly movies. Last night I watched Oscar nominated An Education (starring the stunning Carey Mulligan) about a young British girl who gets swept off her feet by the adventurous and wealthy David. I felt so close to the movie, the star, like I was her once. And truth be told, I was. I, too, loved a man whose past (and present) I was unaware of. And what I did know about him didn’t completely turn me off like it should have. I can relate to Jenny, who has the world at her feet but would give it all up for love.

What silly girls we are.

But luckily I decided on my own trip to Paris in 2007 that I would return home and break up with the deceitful man. Being in Paris, a city that had filled my dreams since I was a young teen, reminded me that I had the world at my feet and could do anything, anything I wanted. Here are a few pictures of my sister Amanda (whose hair I dyed pink 4 days prior, as she had just finished 5 years of military enlistment) and my best friend Michelle.

I think this is one movie that will stick with me forever. And I don’t mind. Because remembering difficult times and relationships make us appreciate so much more the good ones.

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