Amy Sedaris and a little bit of awkwardness…

So Amy Sedaris, sister of author David Sedaris, spoke at the ALA’s closing ceremonies this morning, and discussed crafts. She even made one, a homemade twist-tie, because “They’re just too expensive and with the kids…”
During the Q&A period, she pointed to someone and said, “Yes, you in the glasses,” not meaning to be funny. But she was talking to a room full of librarians, so we all just cracked up. Then she got it herself and said, “No not you, you with the tight bun.” So many librarian jokes were tossed around this weekend and I LOVED it all.
She was signing paperback copies of her previous book, which I picked up for my bff Michelle who once bought a can a green paint and painted everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor. (I still have my magazine box, thank you!) I thought she’d appreciate the cheap craft ideas. Then I picked up a preview of her newest book titled Simple Crafts for Poor People. Here’s an image of the cover:

One of the chapters is using strictly coconuts. Check out the TOC:

Okay, so the awkwardness came when an attendee introduced a camera to Amy as the newest fad in stenciling/paper cutting. It didn’t make a damn bit of sense to anyone in the room, as I heard nervous laughs and saw many confused faces. Some people should just stay in their seats.

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