Would you like a side of obesity with that book?

Detroit, Michigan is #27 of 100 of the list of “America’s Fattest Cities, 2010” researched conducted and published by Men’s Health Magazine. So why, pray-tell, is the Detroit Public Library partnering with MCDONALDS for its summer reading program? The Detroit Free Press article explains the system. When a child registers for the summer reading program, they are given a bookmark. Each time they check out books (NOT proof of reading, just checking out) they get a stamp. For every 5 check-outs, they get a free McDonald’s Happy Meal or Mighty Kid’s Meal. what the crap??!

This is the worst partnership in the history of partnerships. Why would the library, an institution given the task of encouraging reading and literacy, promote such disgusting and unhealthy eating habits?? The first part of the DPL’s mission is to “enhance the quality of life for the diverse and dynamic community in the City of Detroit.” And you think you’re doing that with McDonald’s??! This is absolutely sinful and the whoever gave the okay to form that partnership should be forced to endure a McDonald’s-only diet a la Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me, because you deserve a slow, bloated death…which is exactly what you’re giving these kids. Good job on enhancing Detroit’s quality of life, you morons!

4 Thoughts

  1. Well the kid could get a chicken nugget meal, with fruit and milk or juice…that isn't that bad..it isn't like they are saying free bigmac meals with large fries….

  2. Dawn, you are absolutely right. But what percentage of kids make the right nutritional decision? They want what tastes good and what their mommy and daddy eat. In the 27th most obese city in the US, do you think they are choosing apples and milk?

  3. Honestly I am just trying to make myself feel better by getting a happy meal..my defense it is just smaller portions and can't be that bad right 😉

  4. I know the library system is in trouble but this is desperation. I hope they can survive without it. or make it successful for the summer to pick it up by the fall and realize the mistake.

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