A reunion straight from the Jersey Shore

Okay that’s a complete lie. The reunion, although equipped with two Italian flags and an Italian flag cake, where some of the guests had last names ending with a vowel, and a lot of loud-talking and talking with our hands, the reunion was a pretty normal family reunion. It was outside at a shaded pavilion outside Cleveland, next to some swings and a big open field: plenty of room for running around and water-balloon tossing games. 🙂
Check out the cake my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Shelley bought for the occasion:

And here is a picture of the August Pavis Sr. family (about half of the reunion attendees):

And the person who spent eleven months putting it all together, my beautiful sister Amanda (who is pregnant with her second baby, due on my birthday!!):

While in Cleveland dad took me to see Bodies: the Exhibit. We learned SO much but the exhibits were borderline disgusting (everything looked like boiled chicken). And that night we had, waddya know, CHICKEN! Luckily it was SO freaking good that I forgot all about the body parts that resembled my meal.

So now I am in class and I am increasingly irritated by the amount of opinion that is being discussed. There are no reading assignments and no structure, leaving me bored and confused. Two hours left…

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