A story of abduction and the subsequent sleeplessness

Chevy Stevens’ story of Annie, a 30-something Realtor who was abducted from an open house, is haunting. Terrifying. Just as the protagonist had a hard time sleeping after she returned home, so did I after reading this book well into the night. In fact, when my apartment alarm went off at 3:48AM I was positive that I was going to have to bash an intruder over the head with my flashlight.

This novel was a truly horrific story of worst fears coming true, confronting your past, and accepting help when it comes your way. The narrator spends the entire novel telling her therapist about the events of the past two years, so the perspective is hopeful because you know</span she gets out, but what she has to endure both during and after the abduction is a Lifetime movie on steroids.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens. Pick up a People magazine or turn on the news and you’re likely to hear something about an abduction, kidnapping, run-away, etc. But this novel puts the experience of the abducted into perspective. We presume we “know” them after reading about their lives, but in fact their lives were taken away from them, even if they did come back. It’s sad, it’s beyond sad.

…and it’s also a good read. DO NOT read it at night. Or while alone.

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