I’m a puzzled puzzler

Not really. I’m not confused at all. Though I am thoroughly irritated at the lack of learning going on in my current grad course. We spend the three hours and fifteen minutes discussing our opinions of the week’s topic. The professor has us doing no reading, so we have no guidance towards what we should be reading. Okay, fine, I’ll do some research and read some books. I am actually quite ambitious when given to boundaries. But I do NOT want to spend over three hours discussing opinions. I want to discuss what is actually done in libraries, not what we wish was done. I am all for ideas and innovation, especially because we are the librarians of the future!! But dammit I am a student and you are the professor…TEACH ME!!

I just want to go home and continue putting together my jigsaw puzzle. It was one of a dozen at Target and I chose it because it has cows on it.

I’m not kidding.

So my non-planning boyfriend emailed me today asking me to pencil him in for Monday, October 4th…the night we will be celebrating our one-year anniversary. Now, I am not sure if he planned so far in advance to mock me or because he sincerely is trying to adapt to my personality style. Either way, I laughed out loud and smiled til my face hurt. SO “kudos” to the boyfriend for his super planning skills!

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