Feelings of Fear

I am scared that come mid-December I will not have a job. I watch the news, read the newspaper, and read other librarian blogs and am scared. I am fearful that I won’t have made enough contacts, and won’t be worthy of a job. I am terrified that I will be overqualified for half of the jobs I apply for, whereas I’ll be under-qualified for all the others (in terms of my competition; professionals who have been in the field longer than I have). In less than five months I will be out of a job, apartment, and school. Aside from a laptop, a few pieces of furniture, and a car…I will have nothing to call mine. I am scared of the possibility of unemployment, because with that comes a lack on income, no health insurance, and anxiety that I may be in that unemployed position for too long. Where will I live? Do I accept a job that takes me away from my family?

Oh, and this will SO be me!

One thought

  1. I have this same fear, only right now. This doesn't help from the compounding anxiety that once I interview with someone I will be forced to wait a month and then never hear back.We'll pull through. There's a way out of the sand trap! I believe in you!

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