Back in June I blogged about a library drop-box defiler who shoved mayonnaise into the drop-box, ruining a number of items. My sister likened the situation to kicking a kitten. Sadly, today those two horrible situations combined in a news story that reported the death of a grey tabby kitten who, on July 22nd, was put into a library’s drop-box and not found until the next morning. Today the little guy succumbed to him injuries of “severe dehydration, diarrhea, and a respiratory infection”. Here is the kitty, with his “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” look:

So sad. :(… Poor defenseless kitty. I mean, even if he was put into the drop box because the owner wanted him to go somewhere warm and safe, uhh, did they not consider the fact that BOOKS would be DROPPED on him? In a BOOK DROP? Just saying.

So my cousin Jeremy is a sales manager in the Marketing Department for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and is in town for a training conference. So my parents, sister’s family and my boyfriend met him for lunch in Old Town Alexandria at Chadwick’s. Their onion rings were fabulous and my nephew devoured his mac and cheese. The boyfriend said he would have preferred the “Heart Attack” burger to his sensible Monterrey chicken wrap. But I told him that if I had witness him eating the 10 oz burger topped with a friend egg, fried onions, bacon, and mayo, then we would have gone on a four mile walk around the lake near his house upon returning home for the evening. Come on ,really, gross!!

And here is a list of the Top 10 Most Bizarre Travel Guides. If you are in the market for a cemetery plot in California, you may find one of the books on this list useful.

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