Uh-oh, creativity has struck. Everyone guard your glue-guns and tape dispensers

So I went home to my parents house Thursday because I miss my cats, my comfortable bed and well, I love my parents and really enjoy spending time with them. So while there, I dismantled a collage of pictures with the intent of replacing it with something more up-to-date. I also cut apart some old calendars and made them into bookmarks.

To make these I took a calendar page, cut it into halves, and taped the sides together. One calendar is titled Wanderlust and had 52 amazing pictures of travel-related pictures from around the world, such as Metro signs, pay phones, flight attendants pouring coffee, etc. Very cool stuff. (I gave one to my sister of a train ticket from Prague to Berlin. A trip she has actually taken before!)

So tonight I took another shadow box I had and added to it. The box contained all of the concert tickets I had acquired since my first concert (Weezer, September 28, 2001) to those around 2005. I have been to quite a few more since then, so I thought it was time to re-do it. The newest creation is this:

There are 25 ticket stubs, but there are many missing. Sadly they didn’t make it through the dust, dirt, sweat, rain, crowds, etc.

These are my favorite two tickets. My first concert (Weezer) and my favorite concert, Spice Girls, 2008.

And this is my Third Eye Blind collection because they have been my favorite band since circa 1997.

And my next project? Using decoupage to put all of my hockey ticket stubs onto a hockey stick.

One thought

  1. I love your creativity streak! I'm currently hoarding every concert ticket and movie ticket I've ever gotten and saved. I'll take the shadowbox into consideration.

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