Little things, little things

(I love Good Charlotte, hence the subject title and now the song that is stuck in my head.)

So some things are so totally random, but so small, that not many people would even take the time to notice. Well, I would. I do. So I am doing inventory at TMA and am entering the numbers manually, all of which start with “3”, followed by eight “0”s, then ending with a four-digit number. So, 300000000XXXX. Easy enough. Well, I come across 3000000000666 and of course, I must look at the title of this hellion book. As it turns out, it’s The Silver Chair by famous Christian author C.S. Lewis. I find it funny that either by chance (or, even funnier, on purpose) someone would choose to stick “666” on a Christian author’s novel.
…just saying, some of the little things really get me thinking.

As does this situation that just took place. Cary is at a dr.s appt., so I am alone in the library. No biggie. Well, a kid just came to me and asked if I had anything to eat because he was so hungry he couldn’t concentrate. I gave him a mini box of Raisinettes I stashed here yesterday because I just couldn’t stand the idea of sending him back to class hungry. In my defense, I told him to eat breakfast every morning, and to not do this again. I mean, he is in 9th grade, it’s the beginning of the year. So many of these kids are just getting used to the rigor of the school, so I can’t be mean, ya know? If he were a Senior it would be different, I think, because s/he would have been here for 3 years already.

What would you have done?

3 Thoughts

  1. I probably would have done the same thing followed by shopping at night for snacks and food that doesn't have to be cooked to keep on hand for when the situation arises again. Poor kid

  2. it may be that he doesnt have the option to eat breakfast, if i had something i would have given it to him, and reminded him to try to eat breakfast every day if i could. i hate the idea of people being hungry and having nothing they can do about it.

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