Arrogant students

No, I am not talking about the angels at my high school, I mean the high schoolers at Natick (Mass) High School who are protesting the new rule that states students can not use iPods during school hours.

Wait, this is a new rule? Apparently the students are permitted to have their cell phones and iPods with them, but can only use them after or before school.

Oops, wait…that only applies to underclassmen. Juniors and Seniors are permitted to use electronics during their study hall periods. The Natick superintendent of schools thinks that is “fair”. Well Mr. Superintendent, how about you deny any use of electronics and make the students actually study during study hall?? Just saying…

By permitting students to use such unnecessary things during school (i.e. productive) hours you are coddling them, you are turning them into selfish brats who will never take ‘No’ for an answer, who will quit job after job just because they don’t want to do something, who will never grasp the concept of personal responsibility. Way to go.

…or as one commenter wrote, “Heaven help us, stop your whining and read a book! You have hours outside school to listen to your music, what a bunch of babies!”

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