Weighing in on a serious issue…

So the newest topic amongst anti-censorship folk is the removal from Amazon.com of the self-published e-book titled The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct by Philip R. Greaves II.

No, I’m not kidding. That is really the title. And yes, the book absolutely has first-person re-tellings of pedophilia situations, fully graphic.

It is wrong and here’s why: no one should be permitted to publish or sell a book that discusses, in depth, the way in which to properly and appropriately commit the crime of pedophilia. It is a crime. A crime. Something that completely messes up the mind and body of an innocent child. Period. PERIOD!!

But some people disagree. And most notably, at least for me, are the librarians who are calling this a censorship issue, which, in the library industry is fought against, tooth and nail.

I am a proponent of anti-censorship…to a degree. I will, as a librarian, provide my customers with whatever materials they ask for. It is not my job to judge, question, or comment: just give. I once had to watch my boss help an Amish man find a book on sex…”with picture, please.” It is our job to help our customers get what they are looking for. (It’s their tax dollars!, as they love to claim.) But I just cannot believe that my peers are fighting Amazon on this. It is pedophilia! The act of raping a child, which physically and mentally scars a child that (as studies have proven) last FOREVER!!

So while I am disconcerted with the posts I have read on my numerous library listservs, I do know this: I would fight to the death to protect my child, your child, and all children from pedophiles.

3 Thoughts

  1. I heard about this earlier on the news and honestly became physically ill when I read it. It sickens me to great depths thinking that someone is giving a tell-all as to how to do something so terrible and horrendous. But one must ask, as far as censorship, how is this any different than a bomb-making websites that are public or the books that explain in detail how to pick a safes lock? Yes it's sickening, but as far as censorship I believe that there needs to be limitations to what can be posted or written.

  2. i think because its "how-to" and first person non fiction that you are right. if he wants to set up his own website to sell that trash thats on him, but amazon should not be obligated to sell anything as abhorrent as that, nor should any other business with a problem with it. wal mart carries only censored copies of a lot of my favorite artists cds, and many artist object to this policy so they wont do business with them.. i remember buying a cd at walmart with almost every line so edited i thought a few songs were skipping, so i got it again at target (which is beside the point). you can write anything you want and sell it if you care to, but no, my business doesnt have to help you and neither does any other.

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