Scratching post

I’ve decided to use this blog, at least for today, as a scratching post/brainstorming white board. So if you have no interest at all in academic libraries and user needs, feel free to skip this one.

I have been given the challenge of designing a walk-in clinic that highlights my abilities, but also would be useful to Bowie State students. I don’t want to make a program specifically designed for one major (I’ll have the opportunity to do that when my role as Library Liaison begins next week, for the History/Gov’t and Social Sciences majors.

So what do students at BSU want to know about?? How to search for materials on our databases? (I don’t see that getting a wave of enthusiastic students.) How to search the catalog? (While useful, I, again, don’t see much in the way of student interest.) How about ‘How to Google’. No seriously…everyone thinks they know how to perform searches on free search engines, but they don’t necessarily. They don’t know about Boolean operators (not always useful, but sometimes!); or quotation marks that should go around phrases or quotes; or going beyond the first and second pages of results; or looking at not only the title of the result, but the source; or figuring out if the free online source is a credible one.

On to the next one…

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