Reading… a lot

So I’ve been reading a lot. (Shocker.)

And I’ve decided to read all of the 2011 Alex Award winners and all of the Printz Award winners (winner and honors) by ALA Annual Conference in June. This is my deadline because at Annual I am attending both the Printz Award and the Alex Award events, both of which will feature some (if not all) of the winning authors.

I have chosen these two award collections because they are the two that are significant to me both professionally (Printz, top YA books) and personally (Alex, top adult books for YA readers).

So far I’ve read 2 out of 15. They are:

Stolen by Lucy Christopher: I did not love this book. Heck, I barely liked it. Although it gave an interesting look into the Stockholm syndrome aspect of kidnapping, it was not enough to pull me away from the boring story. Yes, I know it was a story of a kidnapped girl…which is pretty gripping in and of itself. But the story itself was slow-moving.

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender: Our protagonist Rose has a gift (or as she thinks, a curse). She can taste the emotions of any person who prepared her food. This includes the California farmer who picked the vegetable, her mother who baked the cake, or even herself if she did any more in the cooking process than stir. This causes her to hate homemade food an exist off pre-packaged items that come from factories. Her family is estranged from one another, which enables her brother’s equally amazing and fearful talent of disappearing. Aside from those gifts, there is no fantasy or fantastical element to this novel, which I love. Bender made it seem as though these things could exist in this world, simply because of genetics. A fabulous book that will tug at your heartstrings, even if you can’t pinpoint why.

More to come!!

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