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As I told you all a couple weeks ago, I am going to read every 2011 Alex Award- and Printz Award Winners and Honor books. Today I will tell you all a tale of The Boy Who couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To.

DC Pierson tells us the story of two teen boys who grow closer over hours of comic-book-illustrating-turned-movie-screenplay writing. Eric admits to Darren that he does not sleep. Not by way of caffeine or electric shock therapy, but because he cannot. In a moment of anger, Darren spills his friend’s secret to a mysterious man who is shockingly similar to the main villain in his comic book/screenplay. What ensues is an action-packed couple of days where the boys are escaping the very characters they created.

I recommend this book to anyone who needs a change-up in their day-to-day reading lifestyle. This book is one part action, one part sci-fi, and one part YA. I truly enjoyed getting to know the characters and theircharacters, as well.

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