Spring Break

According to Cornell University’s student-run newspaper The Cornell Daily Sun, members of the Faculty Senate decided to implement a new standard: limit the amount of work that students must complete over Spring Break. Some students are upset because their own professors did not abide by that new standard. My issue with the students complaining (despite the fact that they are Ivy League students and should be held to high standards that probably include copious amounts of relevant homework, assignments, readings, and projects, no matter what time of the semester) is that the Faculty Senate does not make university-wide rules. They make recommendations after taking into consideration the opinion of their peers and students, but it is still just that…a recommendation. (I have received my information from the C.U. Faculty Senate Organization and Procedures document) My issue is that I had to complete homework and finish readings while I was in Europe in 2007, in Disney World in 2009, and at my grandmother’s funeral in 2010… School work, and by extension learning, progress, discipline, and success, does not stop for Spring Break. So while you’re volun-touring in South America with your Spanish I class, building a house with Habitat with some other kids from your sorority, or partying hard with strangers in Palm Beach…remember that you still have work to do. The semester is only half over.

Oh, and I spent my Spring Break last week moving my possessions into a storage unit, showing my best friend around the DC Cherry Blossom Festival, and reading ACRL and RUSA blogs applicable to my job. Learning doesn’t pause, folks!

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