The honesty of children

I was just perusing my favorite librarian blogs and came across this entry from the blog Screwy Decimal (get it?). It reminded me of a similar situation in which I feel the urge to share with you.

Back in the Winter of 2007 I was a server/waitress at a nice chophouse in Southern Maryland as a way to make a little extra money. (Because ‘full-time student’ and ‘part-time library associate’ weren’t enough to fill my time…) I had a table of a couple pretentious adults who thought it was a good idea to take their elementary-school aged daughter and her friend to a nice restaurant. The adults drank and didn’t speak to each other, the girls sat at another table, talked endlessly and enjoyed their chicken tenders, fries, and Shirley Temples. As they were preparing to leave, the girls handed me a hand-written note that detailed why, exactly, I was their favorite waitress ever. Amongst other things, they liked my curly hair, smile, and that I stopped to talk to them. I still have the note (is it in my storage unit? my desk?) and whenever I happen to stumble across it, it makes my day all over again.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love children and young adults. They are honest, but not to a fault (a la grandma circa Christmas 2002 when she asked…well, you know what she asked). They are polite to adults who are polite to them. They are emotional, interested, and so different from each other. I am impatiently awaiting the day I can get back into a job field that allows me to work with and for these special little creatures.

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