Professional goals…

My professional aspirations include being a teen librarian, branch manager, director, grand pooh bah, etc. But I think if I were ever to hold the following event I would die a happy woman…

Stuffed Animal Sleepover!!

This is absolutely the cutest idea I have ever heard of, and I want to host one right this very moment! (But sadly, I work in a university library. Not only would the staff and students laugh at me, they might make me into the main specimen in a Psychology Department term project.) The idea is to have children bring their stuffed animal to the library for a sleepover, animals only! The youngsters tuck their critters into sleeping bags, under sheets, on top of pillows, etc., and join them while the librarians lead a storytime. Then the children go home, but the librarians do not! They stage photo-ops with the stuffed animals: browsing for books, checking materials out, putting items in the book drop, and more. Then the children come back the next morning to retrieve their stuffed animal and a few pictures from the wild and crazy night!

If you don’t think this is adorable/funny/fabulous you need to check your pulse.

Look at these pictures!

(from the blog Come Into Delight)

And this wonderful video from the Middleburg Heights Branch Library of the Cuyahoga County Public Library System:

Also, what a great way to get older children to get over their need of having a stuffed animal with them at all times (like before they start elementary school, where such a thing isn’t permitted).

Thanks to the library blog Tiny Tips for Library Fun whose March 2009 blog entry detailed this fantastic program.

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