An update…Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games

Back in September I had the honor of hearing Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games trilogy and Gregor the Overlander speak at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC. I even wrote up a few fun facts about the author that she revealed during her talk. I felt a kinship with her; military brats for life!

(She is so pretty!)

Today, 7 months later, Suzanne Collins is in the media again. The Hunger Games film is in the works and the cast is being established, bringing about much discussion amongst fans, naysayers, and everyone in between. The young adult library/librarian listservs I belong to have erupted with casting news and the obligatory dissenting opinions. Opinions include: “Her skin color isn’t right!” “He is too old!” and “But, he isn’t who I wanted cast for that character!

With all the publicity being done for them, the NYT deemed this moment a very appropriate one to whip out their expose on the elusive Ms. Collins in their article Suzanne Collins’ War Stories for Kids. (A bit dramatic, eh, NYT?) **Disclaimer, clicking this link will put you at one less NYT click for this month. Use your discretion!

It’s an article worth reading as it discusses Collins’ personal life (which gives insight into why she wrote a book about children in war), professional career (she used to write for Wow Wow Wubbzy??!), and feelings about her book being compared to other dystopian battling-children stories. I truly love this author for her candidness, honesty, and true appreciation at being made into a J.K. Rawling-esqu icon for readers of all ages. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

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