Making Stuff!!

So one of the reasons I love this job is that I finally have a reason to be creative. This week I have done a ton and am pleased to share it with you all.

1. Made Teens Top Ten bookmarks. Usually YALSA has a bookmark to promote the titles, but it’s not out yet. So instead, I made my own! Feel free to steal it for your own use.

2. I follow Taylor Swift on Twitter and the other day she thanked her fans for getting her so many Teen Choice Awards nominations. That got me thinking…we should have our own Teen Choice Awards and compare our results to the Nickelodeon ones! And that is exactly what I was approved to do. I made ballots with 24 of the categories (there are over 50 in the real TCA!) and one of my teens decorated the ballot box. After the awards are announced I will make a poster comparing our results to the ‘real’ ones. So far I have had a lot of positive feedback from the teens, so I’m exited about this.

3. I also made…a duct tape tie!! Every Tuesday is Try-It Tuesday at the Teen Center and this week it was duct tape crafts! I thought a purple and yellow tie would be a nice addition to my already quite purple-y wardrobe (and a nice homage to Harry Potter, this being such a bittersweet week for fans of the boy wizard).

4. Lastly, and I think most importantly, I made a Facebook page for the Teen Center. After a few teens tried to ‘Friend’ me on Facebook, I knew I had to be able to connect with them virtually, but without exposing my personal life to them (and vice versa). Ergo, I made a Facebook page. The library system’s director has ‘Liked’ us, as have the Head of Outreach, and my boss, then Teen Services Manager. I printed out ‘Facebook business cards’ that have the Facebook logo and the link to our page and am passing it out to teens and parents as I interact with them.

I hope to have 50 ‘Likes’ by the end of the summer. Is that too ambitious?

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