Guest Post 1: The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp by Rick Yancey

*This guest post is by the hilarious and wonderful Bonnie. She is a part-time library assistant in the Teen Center and a full-time special education teacher with Loudoun County Public Schools. She reads tween and Juvenile literature with her son, her students, and for her own reading pleasure. She likes Rolo candy and snowmobiling.

This is an excellent book for boys. The story is set in modern times. The main character is Alfred. His mother passes away at the beginning of the novel so he is shipped off to live with an uncle. The uncle convinces Alfred to steal a sword from his boss, because a sinister character offers Alfred’s uncle one million dollars for it. Alfred, who is only 15, is successful in stealing the sword, but realizes too late that he has given it to the bad guys.

The best part of the book is where Alfred is riding in a Ferari Enzo going 120 miles an hour while his friend is hanging out the window shooting bows and arrows at motorcycles that are chasing them down the highway. This is the first book I have read where I felt like I was watching an action movie like “Mission Impossible”. The characters are charming. Alfred is sweet and funny. This is a page turner that just keeps getting better.

~ Bonnie

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