Book 18 (kind of…): The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides is the most pedantic novel I have EVER READ. I honestly believe the author listed all philosophy tomes, religious studies texts, and Classic novels he has ever read, then built a story around name-dropping the titles, authors, philosophers, and deities. Not even one audio CD in, Eugenides made me feel uneducated and stupid, very similar to the feelings I would get sometimes in my upper-level undergrad courses at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. (Darn fine school, let me tell you…but it is an honor’s college and I quite often felt that I wasn’t as smart as my peers, plenty of whom behaved just like this book’s pretentious main characters.)

The main character, Maddie, is a whiny WASP from New Jersey who falls in love too quickly with the wrong guys. Perhaps I hate the book so much because I see some of myself (and every girl I’ve ever known) in her. The part that none of us wants to admit that we have been like.

Whatever, I still don’t like her.

I did not finish the book. Now before you tell me I can’t post a review of a book I did not complete, let me tell you “Yes, yes I can”. As my soon-to-be-aunts Barb and Lorre said, life is too short to read books that suck (I’m paraphrasing here).

There is no one I would recommend this book to. …except the kids at SMCM that made me feel stupid when they talked circles around the rest of the class and the professor. They will fall madly in love with the characters and probably stalk and kidnap Eugenides and force him into a philosophical discussion that will end in both party’s brains exploding from the nonsense. Link

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