Book 22: Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

I just finished listening to Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson, read by Mike Chamberlain. In this novel, machines, robots, and technology take over the world, led by the deceptively child-like voiced Arcos. Cars are no longer driven; they do the driving. Domestics (house robots) turn from errand boys to murderers. Throughout the short time this story spans, technology evolves from its human-made level to something very sinister and lethal. Many communities collapse, yet many thrive in this new world. The Osage Nation, a hardened group of New Yorkers, US soldiers and their Afghanistan enemies…each of these groups struggle to beat, or befriend, the machines that are tasked with killing them. Readers will be shocked at the angle that some of the free-thinking robots take on the New War.

I enjoyed this book because I love doomsday/apocalypse/end-of-the-world stories. Maybe that is because I am absolutely certain it will never happen…if I had an inkling that any of this could happen, I think I’d be much more hesitant to read about it. Anyway, the novel is quite reminiscent of Max Brooks’ World War Z, but the use of technology vice zombies really gives it a unique and creative edge. They are comparable, but not alike. I will be recommending this book to teens and adults who enjoy zombie thrillers, doomsday scenarios, and the like.

Oh…if you intend on listening to this while driving, allow me to warn you: this book is especially terrifying to read while stuck in traffic. One super-creepy feature is that cars kill people. I was listening to this while stuck in a car on the Capital Beltway surrounded by cars. Oh, and I totally locked my car doors. SMH…not my brightest moment.

A note on the narrator: Chamberlain’s British accent isn’t the best, nor is his interpretation of a tween-aged girl, but he keeps the story going. He found a way to alter his voice just enough that the characters sound distinct, which makes it easier to follow since every chapter is the account of a different character.

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