Book 25: Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews


Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews is a horrible book that I am actually angry at completing. The book had absolutely nothing to it. High school senior Greg is the novel’s self-deprecating yet obscenely selfish narrator. Yes, I see the oxymoron…but that is the only way to describe this total baby of a character. So he is an overweight mouth-breather with a snot problem. How does that give him the right to be a complete and utter jerk to every single person including like, every single girl he has ever encountered? Okay we get it…you’re awkward around girls. Many adolescent males are. You are not unique or special, Greg. But he takes this inability to behave like a normal person and turns it into his “act”, and his act isn’t the least bit funny. In fact, it’s really messed up and annoying.

I am so sorry for this negative review. I truly don’t like being so negative…but I cannot imagine ANYONE enjoying this! (That is has 4 stars on both Goodreads AND Amazon is beyond me!) The only people I would even consider recommending this book to are the awkward boys that visit my library, but even they would say, “Ms. April…this kid is stupid and mean. Why did you recommend this to me? DO you think I am like this Greg kid?” Therefore, I will recommend this book to no one.

Please feel free to prove me wrong on this. Point out some insightful thing I missed.

2 Thoughts

  1. That was not obscenely biased or unreasonable at all. Why, it does everything a review should, like explaining the plot a little or giving some pros and cons. You did a great job writing it!

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