Book 32: Interrupted, life beyond words by Rachel Coker

Interrupted: life beyond words by Rachel Coker falls victim to a few things. Namely, an inapplicable title, obvious plot (and this is coming from someone who can never, ever see the plot beyond the page she is on), and…I’m really, really sorry to say this…a very boring story.

The story begins in the countryside of Tennessee in the year 1939. Allie and her mother live secluded, rarely seeing visitors outside of the annoying Sam Carrol, the boy Allie’s age who has loved her all her life. Sam is there the day Allie’s mom takes a fatal fall and begins the slow decline to death. Allie’s quick relocation to Maine to live with a foster mother is her undoing, and she vows to never let anyone into her hear again, since they always seem to leave her.

Allie is a “woe is me” character, but quite the – excuse my language – bitchy one. She is distant, nasty, sharp, and quite unlikeable. I really don’t understand how the nice and loving characters in the book actually like her. I think the author could have done a much better job developing Allie as a likeable yet distant character, instead of just a nasty one.

Rachel Coker is a homeschooled teenager living with her family in VA. She maintains a blog where she posts her photography, personal anecdotes, and discussion of her faith. I actually enjoyed reading her factual blog (slightly) more than I enjoyed reading her book.

I will recommend this book to young girls who like Christian fiction. Allie denies faith for a majority of the book, but comes around to it just in time. The story is uplifting in the end, but no quite realistic in certain regards. It is still an impressive book for a teenaged girl.

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