I Don’t Watch YouTube

I have never been one of those people who can watch YouTube videos for hours on end, browsing for funny/scary/risky videos to help me pass the time or pull me out of a bad mood. If someone posts a YouTube video on my Facebook wall, I tend not to click on it until they press, “April, did you like the video I sent you?” To which I make up some excuse as to why I haven’t watched it and quickly change the subject so I don’t have to promise to watch it. I rarely share a videos, unless it’s a hilarious clip from a movie that I was just talking with you about!! Lets chuckle at the relevancy!

Or…when it is absolutely applicable to my life and the very few people that are like me.

This is one of those cases. It’s a video about finding the perfect sitting position in which to read a book. Please enjoy:

Get toned. Read a book. Sounds legit.

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