What I Do When I’m Not Reading, or, my second obsession

I work out.

*cue LMFAO song and/or the M&M commercial where the red M&M strips down bare and starts shaking his groove thang

I am in the gym or running outside 5 days a week, usually before work. I am an early bird who doesn’t mind a 6am wake-up call (4 years of Starbucks employment, not to mention being the daughter of a Marine, made rising early in the morning a pretty normal thing for me). I love the feeling I get after a good work out, the shaking legs, the quivering arms, the inability to walk right until lunch time. My motivation is my health, my heart, and my wedding dress. The last is only motivating me until March 2, 2013…after which the motivation will be preparing my body for a (couple?) healthy pregnancy(-ies?)

But back in July my motivation changed. Between July 14 and September 11 I am running to raise money and support for Active Heroes, “a volunteer-led Non-Profit charity with thousands of active individuals that fundraise to help Veterans, Active Duty Military and their families.” Being the child of a Marine, sister (and SIL) to two Soldiers, granddaughter to a Sailor, and niece, cousin, and friend to countless more service men and women, I look for any opportunity to support American troops. In all honesty, I am mentally and emotionally unfit to be a servicewoman. I just cannot do it. I choose flight instead of fight, and I cry and shake in the face of fear. But I can run my butt off for those who are stronger than me. And that is exactly what I am doing!

I have pledged to run 80 miles in just under 2 months. That 80 is definitely a stretch for me, seeing as how the past 8 months I clocked right around 25 miles/month. I have to push myself, and it is not easy…but if they can serve in the face of adversity, I can wake up at 6am and go for a darn run.

If you would like to support Active Heroes, please go to my fundraising website and donate. I have already raised $200, $100 more than my initial fundraising goal, and I have increased my fundraising goal (once again) to a grand total of $300. Here’s hoping I’ll get to increase it a couple more times!

Thank you, and God bless! http://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?is_new=1&fcid=205432

(my other motivation)

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