Book 59: Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins has been on my TBR pile since my future SIL told me about it last summer. Another Suzanne Collins series? I thought. Sure!

Eleven year-old Gregor is totally selfless and gave up his summer to babysit his two-year old sister Boots (Margaret, really, but the nickname stuck) while his mom works and his middle sister can attend summer camp. He doesn’t complain because he knows that ever since his dad disappeared over two years ago, life has been difficult for his mother. For Gregor, too, but he files¬† those feelings away in order to be helpful. One afternoon while putting the clothes in the dryer in the apartment complex’s laundry room, Boots and Gregor fall down the proverbial hole of children’s literature lore, into the Underland. He learns that his father is being held captive and so joins cockroaches and bats and Underland humans in a fight against the rats who are holding his dad against his will. Battle ensues, and action and adventure reign down on the pages (er, cds).

There are times it will be very hard to find. Times when it will be much easier to choose hate instead. But if you want to find peace, you must first be able to hope it is possible. -Vikas

I am glad I read it, because it is an action book with a young boy protagonist. Dime a dozen, right? Wrong. Gregor’s self-reflection, his maturity, and his sense of duty and honor all make for quite an inspiring story. I will recommend this to my young male readers, and those who like action, but who could also benefit from a more predictable storyline. I likely won’t continue with the series (oh, don’t be surprised. What was the last trilogy I continued after book 1? I didn’t even finish the sequels to Birthmarked, Need, Matched, or Uglies. I don’t have a very good track record with trilogies. I get bored. I want something new.

NEW! I tell you. NEW!


2 Thoughts

  1. You probably made a good decision not to continue with the series. I’m in the process of reading the books. I’m enjoying them but they aren’t super amazing and are a bit repetitive. They are definitely great for younger readers who love a good adventure though!

  2. The adventure is very good! I love the premise of the plot, and it is definitely a great book for the age group it was written for. (Sometimes I forget that I am an adult reading childrens/YA literature, and I need to be more forgiving. LOL)

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