Sometimes, someone else says it better

I have an opinion on a great number of topics. (Ask my dear, dear fiance who has heard only a fraction of them in the past 3 years…and has a lifetime to hear the rest.) I can talk for hours on any topic if I know juuuuuust enough about it. (Though my favorite topics are books, libraries, exercise/fitness, nutrition/diet, and reality TV…yeah, I lead a thrilling existence.)

But sometimes, like now, I cannot say another word on a topic, because someone else has said it so well. Allow me to share with you an eye-opening article about the lack of diversity in YA literature. A few quotes that stood out to me:

Kids who are regarded by their peers and even by themselves as being somehow “other” need to see themselves in books to know that they are not alone. Such knowledge is not only comforting; it may be positively life-changing and -saving.


As Hazel Rochman wisely wrote in her landmark book Against Borders: ‘The best books break down borders.’

I have been following this topic for a few years now, but what can I do? Well, I can blog and write articles about it, in hopes that more people read about it and become outraged and force the publishing companies to open their eyes to the diversity of the nation’s (world’s) people. I am not sure if the article will be published (there was no guarantee when I submitted it), but I submitted an article to Virginia Libraries as part of their “Book as Art” theme for their Oct/Nov/Dec issue. I bring up this very topic in that article. So until that is published, read someone else’s opinion.

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