Resolution status: COMPLETE

So far this year I have read 75, which another two on schedule to be read and reviewed by January 31st. The book review aspect of this blog was my fiance’s idea. He and I were running (more like jogging with a soft y…yogging) on January 1st, 2012 (at 10am…I know, I am the meanest fiance *ever*) and we were discussing our New Years resolutions (meaning: I was discussing mine). Or just things we were going to attempt. Or think about a couple times.

dog face(what I think I look like when I run)

Shane said I should review all of the books I read and post the reviews on my blog. I was only posting a couple times a month at that point, so this was going to be a pretty time-consuming undertaking, but I felt up to the challenge. So I began, and continued, and read more, and reviewed more, and stopped a couple books I started, and had a three-week lull, and then completed my challenge.

Some very awesome opportunities have come to me because of this blog, including being a guest blogger for School Library Journal Teen online because an editor found my blog, liked my writing style, and wanted the insider story on opening a new library. A co-worker asked if I would be interested in hosting a session at Staff Development Day 2013 on reviewing, writing, and blogging. Authors have thanked me for my reviews.

The past 12 months have been fun, but I cannot wait to continue another year, and see how my writing improves, and what other opportunities come my way because of it.

*Big shout-out to my fiance who encouraged me to do this!*

5 Thoughts

  1. I’m glad he encouraged you to do this too. I love new book recommendations. I’ve tried 2 new books in the last week due to your reviews and have 5 more samples lined up.

  2. I just finished One Second After…makes you think and go out and buy a basic living off the land and survival skills book. : )

    I’m halfway through Unwind…also good. Some parts a bit implausible, like Cyrus, but I can shut off the realistic part of my brain for that and enjoy a good read.

  3. I totally agree about OSA. My fiance read it after I did, and we have already started putting our kit together. It may or may not include a couple bars of chocolate…

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