Happy New Year! & new goals

happyHere it is! A new year, and I am primed and ready for a new challenge. Last year’s goal was to read and review 75 books. Did it. In fact, I read 77. This year’s goals are:

  • Write better reviews. Instead of writing them quickly and with little editing, write it, walk away, re-read it, edit it, re-read it, then post it. Hopefully you will all see an improvement over time.
  • Read 70 books. I understand this is 5 less than 2012’s goal, but beginning in two weeks I will be focusing on my fiance’s 30th birthday party, opening a new library, and my wedding. Following that will be a blissful week of honeymooning in Florida. Those events means I will have more important things to do than read (GASP!). 70 books it is. 
  • Lastly…I will read War and Peace. I began reading it in December 2012, and will complete it by December 2013. My copy has 1,273 pages, leaving me with a little over 100 pages a month. That is SO do-able. (…I hope)

These are my goals, but I know you have some as well. Please leave me a comment telling me what they are!

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