Other Adventures

Life has been quite busy for this lady recently. As part of the opening team for the new Gum Spring Library, both as a Teen Services Librarian and Page supervisor, I sat on an interview panel last week to fill the twelve Page positions we have been approved to fill.

On top of that I am planning my wedding. My big day. THE big day. It is Saturday, March 2nd.

The new library opens Saturday, February 23.

You can imagine the stress I am feeling, that I am so desperately trying to will away with yoga, deep breathing, and relying on friends and family to keep me sane.

Oh, and I’m throwing my fiance a 30th birthday party next weekend. Yeah, no stress!

But you know what has me the most upset? I’ve only just finished my first book of the year. That’s right. Twelve days into the new year and I have only read, nay…re-read, one book. I first read Devil in the White City in 2006 and just loved it! Well…I thought I did. I read it while recuperating from an operation, complete with super-strength Tylenol and the general wooziness that sticks around for a couple days after general anesthesia. So I picked up the audiobook late in December and am glad I re-read it. I will formally review it at a later time (tomorrow?) but suffice it to say that I still love the book, nearly 7 years later.

These next few months will see sporadic postings, so I apologize up front for that. But sometimes in life there are things more important than hobbies, and the library, my wedding/honeymoon, and *not* being stressed out about not posting on my blog are those things. So, bear (or is it bare?) with me. I promise I’ll be back full strength before too long.

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