I’m Back! I’m Back!

I’m back! And I really, truly missed you, dear blog/blog readers!*

Let me re-cap the past 31 days:

  1. I opened the Gum Spring Library! We welcomed 6,500 visitors on Opening Day (and that was with freezing rain and heavy winds!) Check out our Facebook page for pictures from the day. Read about the Opening Day experience at School Library Journal Teen online, where I am a monthly columnist.
  2. I became someone’s wife. That’s right, bachelors of the blogosphere! April is taken. Off the shelf. My dance card is full. I am a married woman! Please see the picture below as evidence of the event.


  1. I went on a honeymoon! I will spare you the details of my days spent at the beach and hangin’ with Mickey Mouse, but don’t be jealous. I didn’t come back with a tan. (I am the SPF50 Nazi, and darn proud of it!) I did, on the other hand, come back with a desire to own a Corvette Convertible.
  2. I read some books. I will begin reviewing and discussing those books as early as tomorrow.

So that’s it y’all. I have returned. I am back in business (but you don’t own a business, April) and ready to post book reviews and other musings on library-related topics.

*Okay, truth be told, I didn’t. But that is only because I was way too busy enjoying my wedding preparation, wedding, and honeymoon! And then I returned and had a billion emails to respond to (read: delete after skimming). All in all, 13 days off isn’t that many, but I am so happy to be back.

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