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I read the first book in this series The Selection last March. I wrote that it “perfectly combines elements of modern reality TV, with a futuristic dystopian society, and the historic ideologies and pressures of being a royal family.” 

But Cass kind of let me down with its sequel The Elite. 

What I loved:
Unlike with most sequels, Cass didn’t spend the entire first chapter revisiting the previous novel. (I hate when authors do that. If you read the first, you don’t need a grade-school summary leading you to into the second. Forgot what the first was about? Re-read the last chapter or the entire thing.) She dove right into the new material, getting to work on reminding us about why we fell in love with Prince Maxon and “bachelorette #6” America Singer.

I loved that America’s ferocious sense of right and wrong was upheld. When her friend is being wronged, despite her own wrongdoings, America behaves the way everyone else should have. Thank you, Cass, for keeping her strong.

What I did not love:
The very thing that earned one potential-princess a spot on the first train out of town in The Selection earned America nothing more than a stern look from the Queen in The Elite. And America and Aspen sneak away less than a day after another princess-to-be is caned for being caught in a compromising position with a guard. I really don’t like that Cass lets America get away with the very things that others were punished for, with no explanation whatsoever.

America is a teenaged girl, so her affections for Maxon and Aspen change with the wind…but I found her to be a bit too fickle to be taken seriously. 

Recommended for:
While I will continue to recommend The Selection, I will not be recommending The Elite. :/

2 thoughts on “Review: The Elite by Kiera Cass

  1. I am so glad somebody else considered this to be a mediocre sequel. I really enjoyed “The Selection” and thought it held a lot of promise. However, that promise disappeared with the constant back-and-forth love triangle found in “The Elite.” I will read the third book and hope that it is redeeming for the series but, after this one, I won’t have my hopes too high.

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