Wednesday Reads

I have this thing with alliteration. Any time I write anything that isn’t a work email I find myself implementing this literary tool. I wonder if it annoys you readers…or if you even notice. (Do you notice?)

allitSo when I recently sat down and had a conversation with myself about the future of this here blog, it shouldn’t surprise me that I came up with the following ideas:
Wednesday Reads
Non-fiction Fridays

Yes, that is how my brain works. And fortunately (unfortunately?), they are both pretty good ideas. Therefore, my alliteration addiction continues. That being said, may I present to you this week’s installment of Wednesday Reads.

ransomTalking Pictures: images and messages rescued from the past by Ransom Riggs (author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) is a collection of found photographs and their hilarious, sweet, sad, and candid captions. Peruse this book with a friend who will “ohh” and “aw!” with you. But not while she is driving. In rain. In New York City. (Sorry, sister!)



ruby red Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier (translated from German by Anthea Bell) is the first in a trilogy about Gwen, a time-traveling British teen. She wasn’t supposed to have the mutant gene, so she never learned how to deal with this family trait. But Gwen must adapt to her new role as time-traveler and spy.




dirty lifeThe Dirty Life: a memoir of farming, food, and love by Kristin Kimball follows the author’s move from a fashionable NYC life to a composting, tilling, gardening, CSA-owning one. She literally runs away with the farmer to open their own farm. Immediately upon arriving at work the other day, I checked out 8 books on gardening, composting, and preserving foods. Don’t read this if you’re not prepared to get your own hands dirty.



I’d love to know what you are reading, listening to, considering reading, or recommending.

Happy Wednesday!




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