Wednesday Reads, May 29

I introduced my weekly Wednesday segment 7 days ago, and am back for the May 29th installment of Wednesdays Reads.

I completed Talking Pictures by Ransom Riggs (and have recommended it to approximately a million friends), completed The Dirty Life (which will be reviewed on “Non-fiction Friday”), and am still working on Ruby Red which is my lunch-time read (and seeing as how I had a 3-day weekend followed by a day of school visits, I haven’t picked it up since last Thursday. That is neglect, and I should be written up.).

Of course I cannot just read/listen to one book at a time, so allow me to introduce the titles I’ve picked up recently:

14bCronin In this sequel to The Passagethe vampire-zombies are back, and each of the (like, 3 dozen) characters are attempting to find a cure, thrive, or simply just stay alive. I am listening to the audio of this, which is read by the same guy who read Devil in the White City, Tony Goldwyn. I am beginning to think he will only read creepy books. Which is fine by me, because his voice is spot-on!




homeland Homeland by Cory Doctorow is the sequel (woah, just realized I was reading two sequels at once…*mind blown*) to Little Brother, the fictional story of  a teenage boy’s overthrowing of the oppressive Department of Homeland Security’s reign over San Francisco post-terrorist attack. In Homeland, Marcus and his friends are back…this time trying to save another friend illegally detained.

Doctorow’s books are part how-to, part conspiracy, part cold-brew coffee recipe (no, seriously), and mostly awesome. I say mostly because man, can that dude go on some techy-tangents that go so far over my head I have to put the book down and watch some reality TV. Nevertheless, worth reading. He is the founder of the website Boing Boing which last year collaborated with libraries on Library Boing Boing. 


So now you know what I’m reading. As do the folks who get stuck in traffic next to me, because I listen to books as loudly as I used to listen to music. (Seriously, can audiobook creators adjust that?? I turn the volume up to 24 and then when, heaven forbid, I want to listen to the radio, I momentarily go deaf because I forget to turn it down. Come on, Recorded Books…work with me, here.)


What are you reading?



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