Review: Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier is the fourth book I’ve read this spring written by someone with the name Kristin/Kirstin/Kerstin.

Wait no, that’s not a book review. That’s just an odd fact that is making me wonder if perhaps I should change my name if I ever want to be a published author.

Ruby Red is the first in the Ruby Red series (followed by Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green, coming out this October), the story of sixteen-year old Gwen who discovers that she has the dreaded (to her) family ability to time travel. Her extended family has no faith in her ability to accomplish the tasks the Ruby is tasked with, nor does her attractive fellow teenaged time-travelling companion Gideon. Although she hadn’t spend her youth learning to sword fight, dance the waltz, or behave in company of different societal classes, Gwen surprises everyone – most of all herself.

I was recommended this book by a teen at my library who loves time-travel, and I found it quite fun to read. It is a quick read, and a perfect lunch-time read (note: one that you can read while holding a conversation with a coworker and not miss a bit of either thread). It is a clean read as well, something that is rare in the (older) YA lit I read.

Recommended for:
Tween girls who enjoy a fast-paced plot, with little romance. Don’t get me wrong, Gwen thinks Gideon is alarmingly handsome, but she doesn’t let it cloud her judgement.

Fat Cat by Robin Brande simply because Gwen’s best friend is reminiscent of Cat’s; witty, smart, and someone you want in your (real) life.

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