Wednesday Reads: I never have enough bookmarks

I am still reading the books I wrote about last week. (In all fairness, I did write “look for a review in July” about Lean In. It’s like I expected your disappointment.) But there are a few new ones to add to that list. (Yes, I know I should just finish one before starting another…but I read how I eat: I sample a little bit of everything, sometimes chewing a pea and a strawberry at the same time.)

thiefPercy Jackson & the Olympians: the lightning thief by Rick Riordan. Honestly? I just caved. I am sick of young boys and their parents ask for read-alikes, all the while knowing that I know nothing about it. And a teen totally chastised me for not knowng more (read: any) mythology. Ergo, I’m reading it. And enjoying it. And have read-alikes in mind for the next teen. The things I do to improve my Reader’s Advisory skills (and impress teens).

11book "Straight Flush" by Ben Mezrich.Straight Flush: the true story of six college friends who dealt their way to a billion-dollar online poker empire – and how it all came crashing down by Ben Mezrich. I had no idea what this was even about until I got it home, read the first couple pages, then read the blurb on the front inside flap. That’s because when I see Ben Mezrich’s name on my library “recently acquired” list, I put a hold on it. No questions asked. His last book was Sex on the Moon: the amazing story behind the most audacious heist in history. He also wrote the book that inspired the film 21. This dude’s non-ficton books bring the phrase “stranger than fiction” to mind.

What are YOU reading??

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