Wednesday Reads: I’m a bit embarrassed to say…

Rarely am I embarrassed by the title I’ve picked up. So embarrassed*, in fact, that when I come to a stoplight I turn it off, in case the person in the car next to me overhears and thinks I’m some kind of pervert.


I’m listing to Choke by Chuck Palakniuk. I’ve learned more about sexual deviants in 1 disc than more teenage boys learn in their entire adolescence. Have you read this?? Someone, other then the coworker who recommended it to me, please tell me I won’t go another 5 discs feeling the need to take a shower to clean the filth off.



mr seb

Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician by Daniel Wallace was also recommended to me by a (different) coworker. I’m 30 pages in and I’m just plain sad over it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this one. Sexual deviance and dying a sad man (which is where I see this going)? No thanks.




Anyone else want to recommend a book that makes me squeamish/sad?? I think I’ll go watch a romcom now. Increase my happiness level.


*totally had to use spell check three times to spell that word correctly. 

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