More of a good thing

That moment when a library patron teaches me something. *swoon*

I overhear my coworkers helping a patron find a good fantasy book, so I hurry to “H- Hartman” and pluck the audiobook of Seraphina off the shelf. Then she asks for the print version.

Heart. Broken.

The audio is so good! I’ve actually considered checking out other books read by that narrator simply because of how beautiful her voice is.

Of course the print version isn’t here. I’m recommending the title to every third person who walks in. So the customer appeases me and puts the title into Goodreads and out comes this little gem:

The Audition, the free prequel on eBook! Go. Read. Now!!! (This is not a true recommendation, as I have not read it yet.) I just found my Tuesday evening activity.

2 Thoughts

  1. Right?! I seriously told a customer “Hang on, I need to go buy that real quick”! It’s actually a free eBook, so I didn’t buy it…but I still blew off a customer for my own reading interests. I think that’s against the rules somewhere…LOL

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