review: Peanut by Ayun Halliday and Paul Hoppe (illustrator)


Peanut by Ayun Halliday, illustrated by Paul Hoppe is a graphic novel about Sadie, a teenaged girl who relocates to a new town and therefore, the inevitable new school. Sadie creates a false allergy to peanuts in an effort to stand apart from the sea of other students, to stand out for something other than her normalcy. But, as you probably expected, she gets found out.

Peanut is a nice story, but one that fell pretty flat for me only because I’ve been the new kid, and I think this didn’t do the anxieties and fears any justice. Being the new kid is horrifying, and yes, I gave thought to how I could re-invent myself. Heck, I even tried going by “Al” and playing the tomboy. (That lasted a day. I remember my dad laughing at me, so I just called it quits and went back to being April.) Furthermore, the author made it seem like all she ever talked about was her allergy. As a person with a gluten intolerance, I hate hate hate talking about it and it really doesn’t come up in any normal conversation, so I’m really not sure how this girl went three months talking about nothing else.

I enjoyed the illustrations, which were simple blue and white. I liked the blue more than the usual black. Sadie’s top was always done in a coral color, making her stand out in the sea of white.

Recommended for:
Readers who enjoy realistic fiction graphic novels. Teens who are breaking into graphic novels and need to be eased into it.


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